MS5 Spicer: Opata Materials

Materials related to the Opata from MS5 Spicer papers.

Box 1      Folder 11            Cycles of Conquest: Lower Pimas and Opatas. 

Box 37    Folder 12            Performing the Renewal of Community: A.L. Alvarado, "We are Opata." 

Box 38    Folder 4              Performing the Renewal of Community: Sheridan, Opata. 

Box 168    Folder 16          Opata and Kickapoo: Notes. 

Box 168    Folder 17          Opata and Kickapoo: Diary with Yaqui, Opata, and Papago language notes,1949-1950 

Box 168    Folder 18          Opata and Kickapoo: 5 Photographs of mission church at Opodepe, Sonora, 1954, 1957