MS11 Tanner: Akimel O'odham/Pima Materials

Miscellaneous materials related to the Akimel O'odham and Pima from MS11 Clara Lee Tanner Papers.

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Box 16    Folder 7     Pima and Papago, miscellaneous notes, n.d.
Box 27    Folder 1     Baskets, Pima and Papago, articles (drafts), n.d.
Box 27    Folder 2     Baskets, Pima and Papago, Kiaha, postcard published by Frasher’s, Inc. n.d.
Box 27    Folder 3     Baskets, Pima, analysis forms (1 of 2)
Box 27    Folder 4     Baskets, Pima, analysis forms (2 of 2)
Box 27    Folder 5     Baskets, Pima, News clippings and miscellaneous
Box 27    Folder 6     Baskets, Pima, correspondence and notes
Box 27    Folder 7     Baskets, Pima, photos, photocopies, ink drawings
Box 38    Folder 11   Textiles, Pima
Box 71    Folder 3     Photographs, Chapter 6, Piman
Box 73    Folder 2     Pima Indian stories, original field notes, 1920s-1930s
Box 73    Folder 3     Pima Indian stories, correspondence re: manuscripts, 1936-1990
Box 73    Folder 4    â€œPima Folk Tales,” manuscript
Box 76    Folder 10   Pima Legends, no date
Box 78    Folder 23   Pima Indian Crafts, published in program for the 2nd Annual Gila River Mul-chu-tha, Sacaton, Arizona, 1964. Typescript, 8 pp, correspondence, and program.