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Photographs of the Tohono O'odham from 1970-1980 by Helga Teiwes.
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The Medallion Papers is a series of 39 publications issued between 1928-1950 by the Gila Pueblo Archaeological Foundation.
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Collected from 1967-1973, the Doris Duke Native American Oral History Project was led by Bernard Fontana and resulted in over 600 recordings.
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This collection contains professional teaching materials, fieldwork notes, research materials documenting American Indian artists in the Southwest and their traditional arts and crafts techniques, journal articles, correspondence, diaries and manuscripts.
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Papers include school, financial and military records, diaries, correspondence, manuscripts, research materials primarily related to his work with the Pueblo Indians and Kalinga, professional organization materials and teaching materials.
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Includes correspondence, research files, publications, organization files, and records of field work. Approximately half of the collection documents Longacre’s long term ethnoarchaeological research program focused on ceramics among the Kalinga.
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This collection contains the research notes, correspondence, and related materials of William H. Kelly. The bulk of the materials in this collection were collected while Kelly conducted research on the Cocopah Tribe.
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Collection consists of correspondence, research, ephemera, photographs, articles, and other publications written or collected by Edward H. Spicer.
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Collection consists of correspondence, archaeological papers, and manuscripts including lectures. 2000 addition consists of further correspondence and project files for reviews, lectures, and excavation reports.
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Collection consists of field notes, research files, correspondence, manuscript drafts, and associated materials assembled by cultural anthropologist Harry T. Getty for his work on Tucson ethnic communities, the San Carlos Apache and social change in Fiji.